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πŸ‘‰ Do you struggle walking your dog because all they do is pull?  
πŸ‘‰ Are you frustrated that you can't get your dog to relax when it's not playtime?

🐢  I covered these topics at the Costa Mesa SPRING BARK BASH on April 29th in 2 FREE training sessions:  

🐾 Walk Without Pulling 
🐾 Chill On The Magic Mat

If you didn't get a chance to join me, you can still learn my secrets 🐾  

Finally, enjoy your walks with your dog and regain a sense of calm and control in your home with your dog.

You don't have to dread walking your dog in the neighborhood.  

Stop worrying about your dog misbehaving when you have people over.

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Pup Parents Are Raving About This Mini-Course--

Clear And Easy To Understand - Thank You!

"I feel like I have a plan now to help my overly-excited dog learn to calm. We have tried some of these techniques, but you have broken down these skills into really clear steps. I also now realize how often we need to practice them in a day -the checklist was an eye-opener! I feel like I have a much more concrete plan for getting to the end goal of a calm, well-behaved dog, which has given me hope again! Thank you!" --Christa

These Are What Pup Parents Who Joined My FREE ONLINE TRAINING BONUS Told Me

"Gracie is finally checking in with me!" -- Linda

After Jo practiced the 'positive interrupter' game with me in the training, she beamed and said: "This was so helpful and now I understand how to do this!" -- Jo

Easy Tips For A Happier Relationship With My Pup.

"These activities were easy to follow from the directions. My mini schnauzer caught on quickly and I look forward to trying the activities in more distracting environments. He does not like being away from home so I'm hoping as quick as he caught on he may demonstrate being more comfortable in different situations." -- Denise

I'm Linda The Dog Trainer . . .
And That's Jill in the Pic with Me

I focus on helping pet parents with puppies, teen dogs and rescues start their journey on the right paw. I want to help them avoid the typical mistakes, but sometimes we are called in to help with behavior modification for pulling like a train on walks, barking at anyone at the door, jumping on people, barking and lunging at other dogs and people, and many more issues.

I grew up with dogs and live with several now, Danny and Jill. But Jack is the one who opened my world to fostering and other pursuits to help other dogs in need.

When you tell me that you feel overwhelmed and exhausted about what you are dealing with, I know what you mean. Jack was a over-reactive dog that I could not keep under threshold when other people came up to us when we were on a leash.

I realized Jack was not the only dog with these issues, which brought me to what I love doing now----To help the other Jacks in the world so you can have a less stressful life with your dog.

We can help with personalized training in your home, in-person group classes or through interactive online classes or self-study options. The in-home and group classes include opportunities to practice in real life scenerios in different Costa Mesa locations. Thank you for visiting Wow Bow Wow! You are an amazing pet parent to come here looking for answers, solutions & support. Let's chat about your dog and how I can help.

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If You're Looking For More Support. . . .
Check Out One of These Programs

From Rambunctious To Well-Mannered Pup Training Program 
on-demand program
in-person classes at a Costa Mesa facility

Join me to train your pup to:
β€’ walk without pulling
β€’ disengage instead of barking and lunging
β€’ chew on toys instead of the furniture and shoes
β€’ greet people without jumping  
β€’ come when called
β€’ calm themselves and relax
β€’ foundation behaviors (sit, down, stay/wait, leave it, drop) in new locations

including tips for these:
β€’ potty training tips
β€’ how to change nipping and mouthing behavior



Shared Many Good Recommendations For Each Individual Dog's Issues 

"Linda is very patient and was good with constructive comments. We learned quite a bit in the 6 week training course. Being consistent with command words is very important and to use different words for different commands not to confuse the dog. For instance DOWN to lay down and OFF to get off (whether its off of you or furniture etc). Linda was interested in helping each of us with our dogs individual issues and gave many good recommendations. It was a pleasure working with her."  
--Donna & Charles  


Enjoy Your Walks

"My boyfriend and I took Linda's 6 week rambunctious puppy  training course with our border collie puppy, Lluvia, a few months ago. We thought it was terrific! We learned how to use treats and positive reinforcement to get Lluvia to do what we want her to do and Lluvia learned how to pay attention to us on our walks and become less distracted as a result. We highly recommend this course!" -- Rachel & Pat


Raise A Confident Dog -- Confident Dogs Tend Not To Be Reactive Dogs

"Linda Kwoun was a wonderful supportive teacher for my Rambunctious Puppy. Ruby is far more socialized than she was before this class and much easier to handle because of what I learned." --Lee


Wish We Contacted Her Sooner 

We have been so pleased with the training tools and support we received from Linda’s guidance. Her expertise in training and astute ability to work with each individual and their dogs allows her to provide the best training to each family. She provided us with demonstrations of techniques and evaluates calmly and kindly. Our dog came out of the show ring and needed guidance on walking on a leash, managing his enthusiasm for life and managing his relationship with other dogs. After 4 weeks and a lot of continued practice, we are happy to say that we enjoy him much more and he continues to learn and improve. We would recommend Linda and wish we had contacted her sooner! --Marcia & Mike