About Us 

Hello Fellow Dog Lovers! My name is Linda. I grew up with dogs and live with several now, Danny and Jill. But Jack is the one who opened my world to fostering and other pursuits to help other dogs in need.      

I invest in continuing education to improve my skills and keep current with training and behavior issues.  I am a supporting member of International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) and The Pet Professional Guild.  Locally, a member of Force-Free OC and Dog Trainers Alliance of Southern California (DTASC).  I'm also a certified Pro Dog Trainer by Absolute Dog.    

As well as being a dog trainer and consulting on behavior issues, we can help you and your dog prepare for the Canine Good Citizen Test. Ask us about preparation.      

We have opened our home to foster dogs, worked with rescues to train their dogs so they can be more adoptable, currently serve on the board of the Costa Mesa Bark Park Foundation, currently serve on the Costa Mesa Animal Services Committee, Humane Society of the United States Volunteer Policy Leader and published articles related to our furry family members in our city pet newsletter, The Scoop.    

 our training philosophy 

The truth about dog training is that the human is the main party being trained. When I trained with another group, what I saw were pet parents who came with their dogs to a class, and the pet parents were expected to keep their untrained, excited dog in check while listening to the trainer. It's a little too much going on for the human to really learn well.

As for the dog, the dog is in a new environment with their human and trying to figure out what's going on--sometimes they are scared, sometimes they are too excited--both states of emotion are not conducive to learning well either.

What we offer is the opportunity for the pet parents to learn in the comfort of their home with their family on a live online class with the trainer. The live interactive online class is for the humans to be able to learn without distractions. The human needs to be taught the skills, timing, and answers to "Why does my dog do. . . . "  first.  For these pet parents, this is similar to what I offer private clients at their homes, but at the fraction of the cost because I offer my services online in small group settings.  

Then the pet parents have the opportunity to practice with their dogs in the quiet comfort of their home, which is a better environment when the dog is initially being trained.  I teach the pet parents how to take baby steps to move onto other locations/different environments with more distractions as they train their dogs successfully.  We follow-up with group field trips, which are in-person ventures into the real world.

In additional to online services, we also offer Private Sessions and In-Person Group Program options.  Contact us for more information:  714-794-9625 or WowBowWowSoCal@gmail.com.

Tell us about your dog and your issues. We have viable solutions so you can have the dog you want as a member of your family and home. We can help you train your dog using positive reinforcement methods while you enjoy building your relationship with your dog. We can help you regain your peace of mind.

Here Are What Other Pet Parents Shared About Our Courses And Programs

"I am currently taking this class and I love it!! My dogs are older but I am learning enrichment activities to keep them busy and give them some mental challenges/exercise."
"I volunteer in a rescue and I am happy to be learning these skills to try and teach the dogs the basics and hopefully provide some much needed consistency!"
"We are feeling so much more confident and comfortable. Which is absolutely incredible! Thank you for your patience and kindness every step of the way."
"Macallan is doing very well, and we can see the tremendous work that you, Morgan and Ryan have had with Mac."
Laura & David
"I do appreciate and love your comprehensive approach to your training"
"Mazie was excited but not barking or whining twice today when my daughter arrived and then when my granddaughter & friend came in my gate and into the home."