The Ultimate Dog Training Program

From Rambunctious To Well-Mannered Pup

Training Program For Pups At Least 4 Months Old

6 week in-person group program to learn how to raise a well-mannered, well-adjusted dog and change those unwanted behaviors.

Enrollment for program starting Wed, Sept 6th is closed. . .
Enrollment for the program starting Thur, Oct 5th at 6pm in Costa Mesa is open

Positive reinforcement training method is the MOST effective way to raise and train your pup to be a happy, well-behaved dog.

Is your pup not comfortable with other dogs in the same room? Or are you out of my area (Costa Mesa, California)?
A better option for you and your dog may be the ONLINE "On Demand Program To Transform Your Pup From Rambunctious To Well-Mannered" CLICK HERE

Before I Tell You About My Program, Let's Make Sure You're A Good Fit

If you. . .

Brought Home A New Pup

This is your first dog or it's been awhile since you raised them. You've been together for a couple of months and you didn't realize you had so many questions. But you are eager to get the training and support you need to raise your dog.  You've searched and found us. 

Have Difficulties With Certain Behaviors 

You brought home a pup but there are some behaviors that you need help with--not jumping on people, walks without pullling, stop excessive barking, coming back when called, unwanted chewing and nipping, potty training.  You love your dog but may not like what they are doing.  You are here to learn how to change what's happening in your life.

Want To Train Your Pup To Have Good Manners

You already know that pups don't come programmed to have good manners. You plan to patiently teach them how to live in your world

You're in the right place  🐶

Teach your pup to:

🐾 Walk Without Pulling

🐾 Greet People Without Jumping

🐾 Disengage Instead Of Barking & Lunging

🐾 Come When Called (Recall)

🐾 Chew On Toys Instead Of Furniture And Shoes

🐾 Chill & Relax On Their Own

And brush up on:

⭐ Foundation Behaviors Like, Sit, Down, Stay, Wait, Leave-It, Drop

⭐ Simple Steps For Successful Potty Training

⭐ How To Stop The Nipping And Mouthing

Your puppy not quite old enough for my Rambunctious Pup Program?
Check out my self-study "Puppy Training 101: What You Need To Know When You Bring Home A Puppy" Program for your 2-4 months old puppy.  CLICK HERE



 Experience an engaging training system that's fun with thrilling breakthroughs. Build that amazing bond and create clear communication skills with your pup.

  • Rambunctious Pup Training Program-Oct 5th-2 pmts
  • 2 payments of

    $165 USD

    per month

    start date Oct 5th--You Can Start Now

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  • Rambunctious Pup Training Program-Oct 5th

    $299 USD


    start date Oct 5th--save 10% When You Pay In Full

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What Pup Parents Say About Their Experience Training With Me

Improved on recall and leash walking

 "Linda is amazing with the dogs! We have used her for private training of our 2 Frenchies Whatley and Estelle. Her tips and tricks have helped us improved on recall and leash walking. We highly recommend her for any of your dog training needs. "  --Violet & Dan

Wealth of knowledge with dogs and dog behaviors

 "Linda is very easy to work with and is a wealth of knowledge with dogs and dog behaviors. She is very thorough and has great follow up. We are very happy with our puppy training experience."  --Jennifer & James

Dedicated to helping you with your dog, and really wants you to succeed

 "Linda is an excellent trainer/consultant. We came to her with a 7-year-old foster who had spent his entire life outdoors. She gave us many strategies for working with him, and we are on our way to “teaching an old dog new tricks”! We are currently working on recall. She has given us a number of strategies that I would never have thought of, and our dog is actually coming when I call him! The live video sessions are also very useful, and she provides handouts that we can print. She is dedicated to helping you with your dog, and really wants you to succeed." --Jan & Dennis

Keep Your Sanity As You Raise Your Rambunctious Pup

Instead of becoming frustrated. . .
🐾 imagine strolls with your dog in your neighborhood where you can enjoy the sights and they can enjoy their sniffari adventure
🐾 picture your pup politely greeting your guests instead of jumping and accidently knocking them over.

You'll witness quicker results through this comprehensive program.  Step by step, you'll learn how to train your pup, prevent or change unwanted behaviors and what to do when they occur.  

Hands-on practice with your dog in our small intimate group classes where you don't have to feel embarrassed, but instead supported.

Practice at home and in your neighborhood during the week becomes a breeze with access to the handouts and videos to remind you of the details we covered in the weekly sessions. (And still have access to them after the 6 weeks, so you can go back and review whenever you need to.)

Not only do you learn how to handle your pup, but other family members can also.  They have the opportunity to learn firsthand by reviewing the videos and handouts. Everyone can be involved in the training of a well-mannered pup.  



Learn How To Be Consistent In Your Training

"Linda is very patient and was good with constructive comments. We learned quite a bit in the 6 week training course. Being consistent with command words is very important and to use different words for different commands not to confuse the dog. For instance DOWN to lay down and OFF to get off (whether its off of you or furniture etc). Linda was interested in helping each of us with our dogs individual issues and gave many good recommendations. It was a pleasure working with her."  
--Donna & Charles  


Enjoy Their Walks

"My boyfriend and I took Linda's 6 week rambunctious puppy  training course with our border collie puppy, Lluvia, a few months ago. We thought it was terrific! We learned how to use treats and positive reinforcement to get Lluvia to do what we want her to do and Lluvia learned how to pay attention to us on our walks and become less distracted as a result. We highly recommend this course!" -- Rachel & Pat


Raise A Confident Dog

"Linda Kwoun was a wonderful supportive teacher for my Rambunctious Puppy. Ruby is far more socialized than she was before this class and much easier to handle because of what I learned." --Lee


Well-Mannered Dog

We have been so pleased with the training tools and support we received from Linda’s guidance. Her expertise in training and astute ability to work with each individual and their dogs allows her to provide the best training to each family. She provided us with demonstrations of techniques and evaluates calmly and kindly. Our dog came out of the show ring and needed guidance on walking on a leash, managing his enthusiasm for life and managing his relationship with other dogs. After 4 weeks and a lot of continued practice, we are happy to say that we enjoy him much more and he continues to learn and improve. We would recommend Linda and wish we had contacted her sooner! --Marcia & Mike


Start Date:  Oct 5, 2023
Time: 6:00pm
Location: Costa Mesa, CA

Get Excited About The Next Breakthrough

6 Week
Group Program
$299 USD

- Six in-person sessions
- Training handouts
- Video vault of behavior tutorials
- Journal diary tracker
- Checklist

(2 payment option is also available)

Learn How To Train Your Pup To:
• walk without pulling
• disengage instead of barking and lunging
• greet people without jumping  
• come when called
• calm themselves and relax
• foundation behaviors (sit, down, stay/wait, leave it, drop) in new locations
• chew on toys instead of the furniture and shoes

But that's not all. . .

Bonus One Group Field Trips on Saturday mornings to practice the skills with your dog in real live situations (value $100)

Bonus Two  Special Live Virtual Workshop Focused On Effective Strategies For A 'Walk Without Lunging And Barking'. Discover practical solutions and techniques to make your walks with your pup less stressful. (value $50)

Bonus Three Access to my "Come When Called (Recall)" Mini-Course. Did you have a couple of scares when your dog got through the front door and wouldn't come back when you called them? Were you overwhelmed with frustration and fear—worried that your dog would get run over? Teach your pup to eagerly come when you call them. Supercharge their recall. (value $75)

Bonus Four  Access to my "The Quick And Dirty About Successful Potty Training"  Mini-Course. Still having potty mistakes in the house?  You're probably only a tweak or two away from success!  (value $75)

Bonus Five  Access to my "Bitey & Mouthy Webinar" with supplemental handouts and videos.  How to change nipping and mouthing behavior.  Discover the 5 posssible reasons and at least 3 suggestions on to change the nipping and mouthing on our more delicate skin. (value $27)


The adolescent developmental period begins around 4-6 months of age and lasts until about 18-24 months. This varies by breed and these ages are approximate.  

Adolescence is when your puppy become more independent, and more interested in the outside world.    
Because of the brain changes, hormonal changes and growth of a dog’s body, a dog’s behavior will also change.  They can lose their understanding of the training they’ve had.  

Teenage dogs have a harder time paying attention to you because everything else is so much more interesting!!  

You're probably saying things like:  "What The EFF Is Wrong With My Dog?"  

Answer:   Maybe they are too EXCITED, FRUSTRATED or FEARFUL to Learn or Listen.  

Do You Need Help With These Types Of Issue?

Lowering Excitement

There will be times when your adolescent dog gets really excited or frustrated by something that happens in the environment around them. This can cause them to start barking, pulling, grabbing or tugging amongst other behaviors you don't want. It can be hard for your dog to calm themselves down. Learn how to calm your over-excited, barking dog.

Emergency Escape Solutions

"U-Turns" is one of the escape methods that may help when you see distractions your dog might struggle with up ahead. Learn several escape methods as we continue to train your dog. These are great tools to have in your training toolbox as we progress with your dog to be less reactive.

Regaining Your Dog's Attention 

There will be times when your teenage dog loses focus and becomes distracted by things in the environment. Sometimes these distractions can cause your dog to become frustrated, worried or overly excited. They are not being stubborn.  Learn how to regain your dog's attention so they can listen and do what you ask. 

Teaching A Walking Position

One of the best exercises to help your dog learn to walk calmly by your side involves teaching your dog the position you would like them to walk in, before you even attach the leash. We are here to walk you through this, so you can be more successful when you attach the dog leash.

Even if your pup is older, are you struggling with the same behavior issues?  This program is the right one for you and your pup.

You’ll Turn Your “Rambunctious” Pup Into A Well-Mannered One With Our Dog Training Program 

In 6 weeks, you’ll learn how to teach your pup to:
🐕‍🦺 Walk without pulling
🐕‍🦺 Greet without jumping
🐕‍🦺Come when you call them
🐕‍🦺 Chill on their own
And even master potty training.🙌

Nothing is im-paw-ssible for you and your pup.

* And don't forget all the bonuses included with this program!

Frequently Asked Questions

At the end of the day, I only want you to join my Rambunctious Pup Training Program if you know, without a doubt, that it’s the missing link between you and creating the life you want with your dog.
If you’re still on the fence, chances are at least one or two of these questions has been on your mind.    

Let’s jump in! So far here are the most common questions:  

In short, the busier you are, the MORE you need to focus about 15 minutes a day with your dog. And I get it. You’re a super busy person with a million things on your plate. That’s why Rambunctious Pup Training Program was built with one thing in mind: Implementation. We’ve laid out all the steps in crystal clear fashion so that you don’t have to worry about being your own “project manager.” Instead, you just have to block off at least 15 minutes a day, dive in, and follow the step-by-step processes that guide you towards raising that well-mannered pup.

Yep! I don’t want you to foot the bill unless my Rambunctious Pup Training Program really is the missing link between you and raising your well-mannered pup. Once you join, you’ll be invited to test things out for 14 days before making a final commitment. If you do the work (attend the classes or watch the recording and implement the shared steps) but decide this course is not right for you, just let us know and we will refund your investment.

You’re not the only technophobe to enroll in Rumbunctious Pup Training Program. I’ve got you covered, my friend. The sessions are in-person.  And the supplemental material (handouts and videos) of my program is accessible on my user friendly teaching platform.  I am here to get you started and comfortable with accessing my program's supplemental material.

For some dogs, joining an in-person group class can be too much. They have difficulties learning and listening when they are overwhelmed with other dogs, people and a new environment with lots of new smells and sights to explore.

For my in-person program, I actually address this issue by asking the pup parents to start teaching their pup to "chill on the magic mat" at home before they come to the first in-person session.

But for those dogs that get extremely overwhelmed in new environments and situations, my virtual option may be the perfect start for your rambunctious pup. Virtual class option starts them in the environment (their home) that feels safe and where they can focus for successful training. Then we move on to in-person sessions.  Another option is to invest in my private in-home training program.

Contact me to discuss which may be the best option for you and your pup:  714 794 9625

Thur, Oct 5th at 6:00pm (PT) in Costa Mesa. These are the dates of the upcoming classes:
Class 1 (October 5th)
Class 2 (October 12th)
Class 3 (October 19th)
Class 4 (October 26th)
Class 5 (November 2nd)
Class 6 (November 9th)

Wed, Oct 25th at 6:00pm (PT) in Costa Mesa. These are the dates of the upcoming classes:
Class 1 (October 25th)
Class 2 (November 1st)
Class 3 (November 8th)
Class 4 (November 15th)
Class 5 (November 29th)
Class 6 (December 6th)

I understand if your budget is tight this month, but you realize that training your pup is a priority.  We offer a 2 payment option so you can get started now.  

call/text:  714 794 9625

So that’s it.

At this point, unless you have other question to ask me, you should have everything you need to make the best choice for you and your pup.

If that road leads you into my From Rambunctious To Well-Mannered Pup Training Program….

Then I look forward to meeting you on the inside



  • Rambunctious Pup Training Program-Oct 5th-2 pmts
  • 2 payments of

    $165 USD

    per month

    start date Oct 5th--You Can Start Now

    Buy Now
  • Rambunctious Pup Training Program-Oct 5th

    $299 USD


    start date Oct 5th--save 10% When You Pay In Full

    Buy Now