Puppy Private Training Program

To Start You Off On The Right Paw

When you need a personal trainer . . .

How exciting to bring home a puppy!

Puppies are the cutest but sometimes some of the things they do can be frustrating and exhausting to deal with.

We offer in-home private sessions to address your specific issues with your puppy and to teach them basic manners

Are you struggling with:
bitey & mouthy puppy
potty training
jumping on people
not coming back when called

We can provide you support, solutions, tricks and relief from puppyhood blues!

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Course Pricing

  • 6 Session Private Training Program
  • $750 USD

    6 Sessions

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  • 4 Session Private Training Program
  • $550 USD

    4 Sessions

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  • Puppy Private Training Program-add 2 sessions
  • $200 USD

    Add 2 More Sessions To Your 4 Session Program

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