Top 5 Questions From Pet Parents About Their Puppy

Sep 14, 2022 |

Are you a new pet parent or has it been a while since you had a puppy? What questions do you have?

Other Pet Parents ask us these type of questions all the time. You are not the only one who is wondering. . .

Here are the 5 top questions:

1. How do we get our puppy to stop biting us?

    It’s normal for puppies to explore the world with their mouth. And during play or when they are excited about what’s going on, they may bear down too hard on you! Here’s a link to a free video that will get you started on teaching your puppy to stop biting you:  (There are also other reasons they may be bitey)

    2. Is it normal for my puppy to sleep so much during the day? Why don’t they sleep through the night?

      👉 During the first 4 months of their lives, it is quite normal for them to sleep up to 18 hours a day. Their basic routine will probably be a rotation of sleep, wake up, potty break, eat, play or train, potty break and sleep again. Here’s the link to our sample schedule/routine: 

      👉 But on the flipside, they will probably not sleep through the night. They will most likely wake up and cry because they need to go potty. They are still babies and need to go frequently.

      3. How do I teach my puppy to go potty in the right place?

        There are 3 factors that will help you be successful—proper management, consistent schedule/routine and reinforcement of the behaviors you want.

        👉 If you are not able to keep on eye on your pup, make sure you have them contained in a crate or X-pen.

        👉 Establish a schedule and stick to it. Here’s the link to our sample schedule/routine:

        👉 Your puppy will repeat the behaviors they get rewarded for. Reward is whatever your puppy deems the best prizes!

        4.  When do I start training our puppy?

        Puppies are already learning when you bring them home! They are assessing whether they are safe, and they will keep away from scary things or things that hurt them. If they find something fun or rewarding, they are more likely to repeat it/try it again. We can use that natural, instinctive behavior and start to reward the behaviors we like. If a behavior is positively reinforced/rewarded, they tend to repeat the behavior! You may start rewarding the behaviors you like the day you bring them home.

        5.  How do I start to socialize my puppy?

          🐶 Puppy Socialization Is More Than Meeting Other Dogs

          ✔️ It is important to carefully expose your puppy to things in their environment at their pace--sights, smells, sounds, different surfaces and so much more. Their Socialization Developmental Period is between 3 weeks to 12/16 weeks. 

          ✔️ An under socialized puppy can become fearful and reactive to things in the world around them.

          ✔️ You can carry your puppy, or use a pet stroller, wheeled crate or carrier and take them with you wherever you go.

          Here’s a link to our ‘Socialization Checklist’: https://wowbowwowoc.newzenler....  


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          How To Survive The First 30 Days With Your Puppy