Is Your Dog's Bark Worse Than Their Bite?


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Does your pup seem to have an endless supply of barks for every delivery truck, squirrel, leaf, or mystery passerby on walks?

You're not alone! Many dogs bark excessively due to excitement, frustration or fear.

Don't let your dog's barking dominate your life.

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Date:  Tuesday, June 11, 2024
Time:  3pm PT - 4pm MT - 5pm CT - 6pm ET 

This Dog Training Workshop is Perfect for You If:

🐾 It's hard to walk your dog because they react to other dogs

🐾 You avoid having people over due to barking

🐾 You can't attend group classes because your dog is too disruptive

🐾 You have to wait your turn at the vet in your car because of your dog's barking

🐾 You struggle to get your dog's attention when they're in a barking frenzy

🐾 You feel frustrated or embarrassed by your dog's constant barking

🐾 Your dog barks excessively at people, animals, or noises outside, including passersby on walks or in your car or out the house windows

Join my FREE "Silence the Yappy Hour" Workshop and Learn Dog Training Techniques to:

🐾 Decode Your Dog's Woofs: Understand the root cause of your dog's barking

🐾 Identify Bark Triggers: Discover what sets your pup off, from barking at strangers on walks to window-based barking sprees

🐾Master Attention-Grabbing Techniques: Learn to redirect your pup's focus during walks or barking outbursts

🐾Develop Calming Strategies: Discover methods to help your dog disengage from barking at passersby or outdoor stimuli

🐾Cultivate a Quieter, More Peaceful Home: Enjoy a serene atmosphere where both you and your pup can relax

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I'm Linda The Dog Trainer . . .
And That's Jill in the Pic with Me

I focus on helping pet parents with family/companion dogs -- puppies, teen dogs and rescues -- start their journey on the right paw. I coach them to avoid the typical mistakes, but sometimes we are called in to help with behavior modification--for pulling like a train on walks, barking at anyone at the door, jumping on people, barking and lunging at other dogs and people, and many more issues.

I grew up with dogs and live with several now, Danny and Jill. But Jack is the one who opened my world to fostering and other pursuits to help other dogs in need.

When you tell me that you feel overwhelmed and exhausted about what you are dealing with, I know what you mean. Jack was a over-reactive dog that I could not keep under threshold when other people came up to us when we were on a leash.

I realized Jack was not the only dog with these issues, which brought me to what I love doing now----To help the other Jacks in the world so you can have a less stressful life with your dog.

We can help with personalized training in your home, in-person group classes or through interactive online classes or self-study options.And recently, we opened up a membership for those who live with reactive dogs. (The in-home and group classes include opportunities to practice in real life scenerios in different Costa Mesa locations.)

Thank you for visiting Wow Bow Wow! You are an amazing pet parent to come here looking for answers, solutions & support. Let's chat about your dog and how I can help.(

Let's get you signed up for the FREE "Silence the Yappy Hour" Workshop.

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