**How To Change Your Dog's Unwanted Behavior**

The adolescent developmental period begins around 4-6 months of age and lasts until about 18-24 months. This varies by breed and these ages are approximate.

 Adolescence is when puppies become more independent, and more interested in the outside world. They can lose their understanding of the training they’ve had. Because of the brain changes, hormonal changes and growth of a dog’s body, a dog’s behavior will also change. Teenage dogs have a harder time paying attention to you because everything else is so much more interesting!!

It's no secret that adolescent period has challenges and is one of the most difficult periods to navigate.   Which is why we've designed a program that will support you every step of the way as you move from teen to mature dog.  We help you set up management and teach you how to modify your dog's behavior.  We provide you a plan to help you gain your peace of mind.  

"What The EFF Is Wrong With My Dog?"
Maybe they are too EXCITED, FRUSTRATED or FEARFUL to Learn or Listen.

Do You Need Help With These Kind Of Issues?

There will be times when your adolescent dog gets really excited or frustrated by something that happens in the environment around them. This can cause them to start barking, pulling, grabbing or tugging amongst other behaviors you don't want. It can be hard for your dog to calm themselves down. Let us help you calm your over-excited, barking dog.

"U-Turn" is one of the escape methods that may help when you see distractions up ahead that you think your dog might struggle with.  We can teach you several escape methods as we continue to train your dog. These are great tools to have in your training toolbox as we work with your dog to be less reactive.  

There will be times when your teenage dog loses focus and becomes distracted by things in the environment. Sometimes these distractions can cause your dog to become frustrated, worried or overly excited. They are not being stubborn.  Let us teach you how to regain your dog's attention.  

One of the best exercises to help your dog learn to walk calmly by your side involves teaching your dog the position you would like them to walk in, before you even attach the leash. We are here to walk you through this, so you can be more successful when you attach the dog leash.

How We Can Help

Instead of becoming frustrated, we can help you focus on what you can do. We provide everything you need, to ensure you receive a comprehensive, learning experience. We provide materials to cater to your learning style to help you understand for better results. We learn together in interactive online classes in the comfort of your home. You have access to supplemental videos and handouts, as well as access to a Community where you can share your success stories and ask questions during the week. We will help you create and keep journals and training trackers so we can identify patterns to adjust your training for better results. 

Our FROM FRUSTRATRATED ADOLESCENT TO THRIVING TEEN PROGRAM may be the right program for you and your pup. Check out the two options we offer and register. If you have questions or need help to decide which option is best for you and your dog, contact us: 714-794-9625 or

8 Private 1-2-1
Training Program
$1,000 USD

- Eight 1-2-1 in-person coaching
  sessions over a 4 month period
- Review and set up management in 
  your home
- Create structure and implement 

- Access to the Twelve Week Group
- Training handouts, teen journal diary, 

  tracker and checklist
- Video vault of behavior tutorials
- Weekly in-person Group Field Trips to
   practice the skill with your dog in real
   live situations
- Community Group to post and share
- Email & phone support throughout 
   the process

12 Week
Group Program
$400 USD

- Twelve weekly online sessions
- Weekly in-person Group Field Trips to 

   practice the skill with your dog in real 
   live situations
- Training handouts, teen journal diary,  
  tracker and checklist
- Video vault of behavior tutorials
- Community Group to post and share
- Email & phone support throughout the  


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